Who We Are

Board of Directors

  • Saghi Ghahraman

    Poet and fiction writer with five titles published by Afra Publications, zhe is also Sexual and Gender Rights activist, co-founder of the Iranian Queer Organization (IRQO), founder of Gilgamishan E-book publishing focused on Farsi LGBTI and Queer Literature. As PEN Canada Writer-in-Exile, initiated and moderated PEN's Writer's In Exile Club for over two years, sat among Descant's guest editing body, was Writer in Residence at the  Owen Sound & Grey County library. In 2007, zhe brought down Shargh, Iran's largest reformist newspaper, using only zher name.

  • Amir Sasan Ghahraman

    Iranian Canadian novelist, journalist, photographer, is founder of Afra Publications, Chief editor of Spediar bi-monthly & weekly magazine, co-founder of Iranian Canadian Writers Association, a keen supporter of LGBTI human rights. He sits at IRQO board of directors.

  • Omid Parsa

    He holds a Degree in Nutrition Science, held senior managerial positions back in Iran. Joined IRQO on 2013, took over editorial responsibilities for IRQO and Gilgamishan publications websites. His efforts focused on organizational structures and capacity development, thus on 2015, under his leadership, the board moved towards improving and enriching Farsi material on SOGI Rights [and Responsibilities] He sits at the board of IRQO.

  • Hudad Tollui

    He is a psycologist with years of experience in clinical therapy before fleeing the country, and is working towards his doctorate in Clinical Psycology in USA. He is an avid Gay Rights Activist and believes educating the LGBTI community members and their familes is the way to attain human and civil rights for LGBTI, paving the way to decriminalizing of homosexuality in Islamic Republic of Iran. Tavana and IRQO’s 5 educational webinars are prepared and performed by Hudad Torloui.  He sits at the board of IRQO.

Honorary Board Member

  • Hossein Alizadeh

    He has been the strong and much respected voice  for Iran’s LGBTI Human Rights in the last decade within international Rights institutions. Based on his extensive knowledge and experience in grassroots organizing, human rights documenting, political research, sexual rights and gender equality advocacy, refugee assistance, media outreach, and safety and security training, he has been a positive and impressive influence. He formerly served as the Regional Program Coordinator for Middle east and North Africa at OutReach Action International. He has M.A. in International Relations from National University of Tehran, Iran, and an M.A in International Peace Studies from University of Notre Dame.  

Our Team

  • Vafa Mehraeein

    Masters Philosophy from Tehran, Iran, has been researching on social science and gender studies since 2013, publishing essays on Radio Zamaneh’s Andisheh; he’s written on topics such as Metaphors & Racism; Women, Ideology, Metaphor; To Prove Islamists’ Claim on Self-destruction, and more. He has translated articles on homosexuality into English; his translation of Stanford’s Prelude on Homosexuality is published by Gilgamishaan books.

  • Shahram Kiani

    Shahram is a psychologist, practiced in Iran with a focus on Disabled mental health outpaitience before he fled the country. He is also an avid essayist, and researcher in social studies, especially gender identity. He has published articels and translations in Radio Zamaneh. Among his contributions within IRQO is a research project, Pathology of Iranian Queer Transit Epidemic, to investigate the roots of the past decade’s huge interest of Iranian LGBTI to escape Iran via Turkey.  He is now resideing in Norway.

  • Hossein Irani

    Hosein is a web programmer with a degree in the field and years of experience holding managerial positions with large companies in Iran. Among his contributions to IRQO, he has designed IRQO’s refugee system, MARS, and maintaing IRQO’s various IT fields since 2013.

  • Sina Kiani

    Documentary filmmaker and photoghrapher, studied and worked in the same field before he fled fearing state perosecution. He created works with themes of human rights and LGBTI human rights, and refugees while himself a refugee in Turkey. A year after joining IRQO, he worked with MARS refugee system, but also had strong presence in campaigns in support of LGBT refugees in general in satellit cities in Turkey. He is now residing in Norway.

Technical Support

Logo and Designs:

Omid Reza

Web Design, Web and Media Admin:

Omid Parsa

Tecnical IT Monitoring:

Hosssein Irani