49 individual’s life is lost and won’t be lived.


They lost their life out of no fault, or choice of their own. They died not in a rally, or a battlefield, or an accident; they were not ill.

They were healthy and happy, enjoying a moment of joy; they were not celebrating anyone’s death, defeat, or misery.

They lost the life that was rightfully theirs, and now, without any clear explanation, we are left with the absence of their life in the collective conscious of society.

Now they can’t live and let live because after their death it is not easy for the rest of us to live without an extra drop of fear in our everyday life.

Because those who died belonged directly or otherwise, to the LGBTIQ Community, and now, as the LGBTIQ members of society,  with a history of fear, we are not only mourning the 49 individuals’ lost lives, we are also mourning the loss of safety and security so conscientiously won for this community over the years.

​The community is scarred and scared the next stressful step we take in the streets of every where, be it Iran, Turkey, or America.

​Our condolences to the international LGBT community,​ is paired with ​hope and anticipation​ that ​the​ community stands stronger to defeat violence in ​all ​its forms, for the sake of everyone, everywhere.

​Iranian Queer Organization – IRQO