On May 17, Shahrman Kiani, IRQO’s psychologist member of the organization, who is also and essayist and translator, contributed his views in an articles called “Does Homophobia Make Us Miserable?” and concluded that “limited possibilities, distressed life conditions, constant failures, social and parental pressures, widespread homophobia in individual and social levels, eventually, results in a form of Chronic Insolvency in the individual gays and lesbians in Iran. Under circumstances where there is no room for growth and advancement for the LGBT community members, their ongoing struggle for identity and inclusion in social life is continually plagued and failed. An enforced Privacy Policy and a hopeless, endless Life In Closet dominates all aspects of their lives and creates a profound inactivity. This is exactly where oppressive sex and gender politics and specially homophobia is ushered in to the equation. Keeping in mind that in recent decades restrictive methods and positive approach has replaced the oppressive policies, it can be mentioned that even with the possibility of migrating or immigrating from one’s homeland to different cultural and geographical zones, the individual would still face various forms of oppression, thus, the recurring of depression.” But the problem arising in the new social sphere is not intense limitations, but that the Chronic Insolvency, obtained in Iran, once more debilitates the individual into further depression, and ineffectiveness.