On May 17, IRQO website’s editor-in-chief, Vafa Mehrayeen, wrote in his article “Internal Homophobia Emerging Out of Social Structures”, how Internal Homophobia hurts the LGBT from within the community.

Mehrayeen mentions George Weinberg and his book Society And The Healthy Homosexual, quoting the author that it is actually those who feel hatred against Homosexuals and fearing them that are diagnosed with a disease called Homophobia. Explains, then, that culture and social structure, spreads homophobia via obliging all members of a society to assimilate, which results in isolation of those who don’t conform, for example, to marriage, raising children, nurturing family, or simply refuse to follow dress codes within the boundaries of heteronormativity.  Mehrayeen suggests that maybe those gays and lesbians who seek equal civil rights in marriage equity are in fact afraid of being gay and lesbian, left out, remain the other by acknowledging homosexuality as a way of life that might even seek different paths of social structure. He offers that another option would be to introduce to the main stream, the life style of the gay and lesbian individuals who are not keen on the mainstream norms. Mehrayeen expresses concern that the present need for assimilation in Iranian LGBT maybe stems out of internal homophobia within the community.