Farrokh Nikmaram
According to the official Iranian news agency “Fars News”, the speaker at the “Friday prayer” in Mashhad believes that the real point of conflict between the United States and Iran, is not the atomic negotiations, but the legalization of homosexuality. In his December 27th address Ayatollah Alamolhoda said: “The problem is not the nuclear negotiations, the problem is that they see gay rights as human rights and want homosexuality to be legal in this country.”
He said that the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran was not “just a revolution” and cannot be forgotten, because the revolution was a step to make the Shari’a law the law of the land in Iran, as “religious pluralism is condemned … and the only right path is the true path [shown by] God.”
He also stated that the true goal of “the revolution” was to make Shai’a law dominant in Iran, stabilize the conditions in that country and then go on to “export” the goals of the Islamic revolution to “other parts of the world.” 
The “Friday Prayer” is held on the weekend (Friday in Iran) and includes a “religious-political” address by a cleric. This weekly address is usually used to state the official positions of the government and the clerics on different issues. The speech and the prayer in large cities is usually televised nationally, or in their respective provinces.