Payam Feili confirmed, in a phone conversation with IRQO representative, that he has not given permission to Arsham Parsi from IRQR to mention his name in order to collect donations. He added that he has not gotten in touch to request help in any kind from IRQR and Arsham Parsi.
Payam Feili also clarified that he has not applied for asylum, and therefore the piece about him in the newsletter that belong to Arsham Parsi’s IRQR is not accurate, and was not consulted with him about publishing, or republishing anything about him on the website. Feili who is at present outside his country of birth and will be a guest writer in a third country, stated that he felt obliged to inform Possible Donors who might think donations paid to IRQR will be spent toward any cause related to him.
Payam Feili has been supported by Human Rights organizations through Iranian Queer Organization-IRQO since 2013.  His collections of poetry were published by IRQO’s E-Book Publishing, Gilgamishan.  He left Iran under supervision of Iranian Queer Organization-IRQO when he felt utterly at risk.  The procedures of his residency is underway with feasible ease.