Iranian Queer Organization has unveiled a new system in facilitating LGBT refugees cases. This system is used in communications with asylum seekers to whom it provides council. Prior to the unveiling of the “IRQO Asylum Advocacy System”, asylum seekers and refugees would have to contact an IRQO agent and make appointments to inquire about the status of their cases,  make any changes to the information held in their IRQO files, ask for help, advocacy, or report harassment. Considering the limited resources, going through these actions could take time, and created distress and inconvenience in the already difficult lives of the LGBT refugees. However, with this new system, a refugee, upon acceptance, receives an e-mail, containing a username and password they can use to access their account on the IRQO Asylum Advocacy System. The database holds the information about each asylum case and is routinely updated. Questions, queries, reports, and follow-ups are taking place on the system and is traceable by the refugees, while makes it easy for the IRQO agent to access all files and documents at once.
Refugees can now review the status of their claims with the UNHCR and the review process on their accounts on this system. The system allows asylum seekers to send messages to IRQO agents and allows them to report problems and issues they might need help with. The information regarding those issues and the process of receiving support from IRQO can also be reviewed through refugee accounts. Finally, asylum seekers and refugees can give IRQO updates regarding their UNHCR cases or any upcoming changes.
IRQO will provide all its asylum related services solely through the new system. Individuals who have already filled an application with IRQO will not need to fill another application to re-enter the system. These clients are automatically be entered into the new system and have already received the username and password for their accounts through e-mail