As Russia and the fall outs of its new anti-gay law top the headlines in LGBT news, CBC is now reporting on a homosexual Russian citizen’s claim for asylum in Canada. Maxim Zhuravlev, an interpreter who left Russia two months ago and is now staying in a Vancouver homeless shelter, has already filed for asylum due to fear of persecution based on sexual orientation in Russia.

His case might be one of the first ones to start a trend. Rob Hughes, an attorney that deals with same-sex immigration cases has accepted Zhuravlev’s case. Hughes says that Zhuravlev’s case is the first of the kind that he has handled since the 1990s. Mentioning Zhuravlev and another Russian national gay activist from whose plan to leave the country he heard two weeks ago, Hughes thinks “It’s kind of odd that I would get two within such a short space of time that are not connected with each other in any way. I see this as the beginning of what may be a bigger trend.”