21Aug 2013

Sima Sahar Zerehi – In our community, organizations are often formed through mitosis, the process by which a cell separates its nucleus into two identical sets.  Instead of simply growing through recruitment and expansion, we are constantly dividing our groups and organizations into different halves that are separate but not always equal; creating mirror groups […]

21Aug 2013

[checklist][/checklist] The Islamic Republic Iran doesn’t like deviations from its state ideology. There are elitist regime circles who would like to impose certain rules concerning life style, sexuality, dress-code, behaviour or believes to the whole population of Iran. Besides Bahai, Sunnis, Yogis or Sufis who face a brutal state campaign against their way of life […]

25Jul 2013

The issue of homosexuality is widely taboo in the Middle East, including Yemen where the penalty for being gay can be severe. Despite such suppression, one young Yemeni man has declared his homosexuality very publicly in a blog. He spoke to a BBC Arabic reporter about the reaction he received and his fears for his […]

23Jun 2013

Saghi Ghahraman is an Iranian lesbian poet and gay rights activist who lives in Toronto. Born in 1957 in the holy city of Mashhad, she studied classic and contemporary Persian literature at Azarabadegan University in Tabriz.[checklist]She left Iran in 1982 after attacks on the women’s organization she worked at, and was a refugee in Turkey […]